Mnemonics has extensive experience in producing high quality, complex electronic and electromechanical products for the commercial, medical, and defense markets. Our long-term experience in providing rapid prototyping, manufacturing, engineering support, fiber optic experience, full turnkey production, and logistics support for these markets enhances our ability to meet and exceed our Customers’ expectations. Our manufacturing personnel have the skills necessary to produce products meeting pertinent customer specifications and special requirements.

Specialized Equipment

I&J 4300-LF Fisnar Adhesive Dispensing Robot


•Work areas up to 19.68″ x 19.68″
•Step & Repeat function – Program one object for multiple identical objects
•Repeatability of 0.02mm
•High resolution 0.001mm
•USB port allows for data transfer between PC
•100 Programs, 50,000 points per program
•Continuous path motion for accurate XYZ movement

Aqueous Tech Trident III PCB Washer


•Remove Contamination
•Automatic Cleanliness Verification

Aqueous Technologies Zero Ion Contamination Tester


•Dimensions 28″ x 53 1/4″ x 53″
•Test Method: Dynamic
•Graphic User Interface / LCD Screen
•Test Solution 75% IPA / 25%
•Test Result Display: On Screen, PDF Report Writer, Excel Export

CAB Maestro 4M PCB Separator


•Hand Router for depaneling CCAs.
•Designed to only route the pre-scored grooves.

Final Touch 100 PCB Precision Router


•Automatic Router for depaneling CCAs
•Programmable router

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