Quality Assurance & Inspection

At Mnemonics, we perform rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process comprised of manual and automated inspections. We use a variety of quality assurance and inspection equipment, to ensure the highest quality products. We are ISO 9001 and AS9100:2016 certified.

Quality Assurance & Inspection System Equipment

X-ray BGA measurements
X-Ray, Nordson Dage X-ray Inspection System – XD7500 Jade FP


•Nordson DAGE Open, Transmissive X-ray Tube
•Less than 0.95 Feature Recognition Tube
•1.33 Mpixel @ 10fps Long Life-time CMOS Flat Panel Detector with Real Time Image Enhancements
•High Quality Real time imaging
•Maximum Board Size: 736mm x 444mm (20″ x 17.5″)
•Automated and Manual component fault analysis including BGA & QFN
•Plated Thru-hole fill percentage calculation
•Automated and Manual die attach/ area void calculation

P5000i Fiber Microscope and Test Report
P5000i Fiber Microscope and Test Report
P5000i Fiber Microscope


• Ensure physical layer performance by guaranteeing fiber connectivity meets industry standards
• Instantly capture, analyze, and grade fiber end face images and obtain a PASS/FAIL result according to pre-configured criteria setting
• Standardize fiber inspection, analysis, and grading process throughout fiber network

Mangus HD
Tagarno Magnus High Definition, 40x Post Wave Inspection Stations


•Ergonomic Workstations
•Split Screen Function
•HD Display for Optimum Image Quality

Mantis Microscopes
Mantis Microscopes


•Shadow-free true color LED illumination
•Long working distances; large depths of field
•Wide range of magnification options to 20x

Mirtec AOI
Benchtop Mirtec Automated Optical Inspection


•Pre and Post Reflow Inspection Capability
•Automatic Teaching Tool w/Comprehensive Package Library for Simple “Drag & Drop” Programming

Faro Arm Fusion
Faro Arm Fusion


•The FaroArm enables highly precise 3D measurements.
•Accuracy of up to 0.013mm (0.0005in).
•Measure anywhere

ScienceScope Video Inspection System
ScienceScope Video Inspection System


•CC-WSXGA-CD1 Widescreen Camera w/Remote & Image Capture

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