Production Line Three – PTH

Mnemonics’ Production Line Three is our thru-hole line. While, thru-hole technology is fading away, it is important that we are capable of fulfilling customer needs for boards that require thru-hole components.

Universal R6796 Unimod DIP InserterUniversal R6796A Unimod DIP Inserter


•3,400 CPH

Universal 6241C VCD InserterUniversal 6241C VCD Inserter


•15,000 CPH
•Expanded Range Verifier to test components before insertion

Hand Hand Installation Slide Line


•Hand Installation Line for components that cannot be placed by equipment

Electrovert Electra Wave SolderElectrovert Electra Wave Solder


•Board Width:
Minimum 50.8mm (2.00″)
Maximum 508.0mm (20.00″)

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